How can I get the email to register for my community?

The registration email is one of the few ways you can gain access to your community. You will receive it once your professor has added you to the roster for the course. If you joined the course later into the semester, you probably weren't included on that roster, so this article will be a great way to make that happen.

What to Do First

Sometimes, you actually might have received the registration email earlier than you expected. So we would recommend checking your inbox or spam folder for any emails with the subject line "Finish Registration..." from in case you received that email at an earlier time but didn't notice it.

How to Receive the Registration Email

If you've tried that but can't find the registration email, then it's most likely because you weren't on your professor's roster before your class started. No worries though -- this is an easy fix! Go ahead and contact our Support Team by filling out this Request Form letting us know the name of your professor and the class you need to join. We'll help you get into your community!


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