What is flagging and moderation?

What is Flagging?

When a post is flagged (whether by our AI or another classmate) that means it has potentially violated our Community Guidelines at which point our Moderation Team will review the flagged post and decide to moderate it or not based off our Community Guidelines. 

In short, flagging is usually the step that comes before moderating. While the "Flag" option is available to everyone in the community (student, professors, TAs), the "Moderate" option is only available for TAs and professors.

What is Moderation?

When a post is moderated, it is no longer visible in the feed for your community because it has been removed. If a student's post is removed we will send them an email explaining why and you'll have an opportunity to Edit and Republish their post to earn back credit. While the post remains in "Moderated" status, they will not earn credit for it but that does not mean that it has been deleted!

Why Do We Moderate?

Packback is a safe place to be fearlessly, relentlessly curious about what your students are learning, and our guidelines exist to make sure that the discussion stays valuable, interesting, and inspiring for everyone in the community. To make sure any questions or answers you post do not get moderated, please review our full Community Guidelines here.

Since you're a professor or a TA, we would suggest you moderate the post instead of flagging!

How to Moderate a Post

  1. If you come across a post that you would like to moderate from your community, simply click on Options at the bottom of the post and Moderate.
  2. You'll be taken to the Give Feedback box where the post will automatically be set to "Coach."
  3. Choose a reason for moderating from the drop down menu.
  4. Make sure to leave a Custom Feedback Message.
  5. Click Give Feedback
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