Why am I being asked to pay again?

If you have already paid for your community access but you are being asked to pay again is because you may have purchased access using a different email address.

If you are certain you already paid/registered and even posted in your community, but you're suddenly not able to access your account, check out the receipt that was emailed to you with the subject line "Your receipt for..." when you registered! We include your name and email address in it so you can make sure which one you should use.

NOTE: even if you have one email address such as name@email.tamu.edu and name@tamu.edu, these addresses are considered different at Packback. Make sure to check what email you originally used to register!

Receipt for community access purchase with the customer email circled in red.

Still having trouble?

If you're still experiencing issues and are unsure why you're being asked to pay again for your community, reach out to our Support Team through this Request Form and we'll gladly help!

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