My grade is lower than I anticipated. Why is that?

If you didn't receive full credit for your assignments and you received a lower grade than you anticipated, first things first, take a look at your Participation Report by clicking "View My Grades" under on the left hand side panel, right underneath your name:


Here you can see your posting history as well as a breakdown of your weekly participation. At the top, you'll see your community's Next DeadlineClick Show Deadline Details next to it to see a full breakdown of your grading requirements. This is what Packback uses to calculate your total grade for each post!


Make sure that you've completed the correct amount of posts (questions and responses) required before the deadline, and that you've met the Curiosity Score minimum (if there is one needed). You can see the timestamp and Curiosity Score on the bottom left hand corner of any post.

A post with the timestamp and curiosity score on the bottom left hand corner of the post circled in black.

If you still have questions or need further clarification on your grade, please contact your professor with your concerns.

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