How to Set Up Your Grade Book and Participation Report

Where Can I Access My Participation Report?

From your community page, navigate to the “Participation Reports” button underneath Professor Tools. You’ll see that you are automatically directed to the “Automated Grading Report” tab.

The “automated” reports will calculate what a students’ participation was during a deadline period automatically. Packback will send you a notification when each new grading period’s report is available. 

To use Automated reports, you must select a weekly deadline. We recommend just a single deadline per week, for example: Sundays at 11:59PM. However, for accelerated classes (like summer or winter term courses) more than 1 deadline per week may be appropriate due to the condensed nature of the course. 

If you stop here and don’t set posting requirements, your grading period reports will contain the students’ raw participation data for that period. This includes:

  • Number of questions
  • Number responses (Counter and Supporting points are also counted as responses)
  • Total Curiosity Points
  • Average Curiosity Points

After you choose a deadline, you also have the option to enter your full participation requirements. If you do this, each grading period report will include a final, calculated score for each grading period in your choice of either points or a percentage score. This makes uploading grades from Packback into the LMS much easier!

We recommend you click "set posting requirements", as Packback will deliver a final point-or-percentage grade every week.

How to Set Up Grading Requirements

Check the box labeled “Set Posting Requirements”. This will create a drop down menu of grading requirements for you to choose from. You can Calculate assignment scores in points or percent, as well as choose the number of required questions and responses per deadline. 

If you’d like to set a Curiosity Score threshold for student posts, check the box labeled “Set a minimum Curiosity Score for Questions” and navigate between the arrows to gauge an introductory, intermediate, or advanced Curiosity Score minimum to set.

If you select the box labeled “Give partial credit for questions below Curiosity Score minimum”, students will receive half credit if their post doesn’t meet the minimum Curiosity Score requirements you set previously. 

When you’re ready to download your automated report, click “Save and build report.”

You can choose between downloading the entire report with all weeks reflected, or you can choose to down a specific grading period. 

If you want to upload directly into your LMS, choose the single grading period you want to upload, rename the grading period in Packback to match your assignment in the LMS, and be sure to un-check any student info columns that you are not using to match grades in your LMS.

Then, click download! You’ll receive an email and an in-app notification with your prepared file. 

If You Don't Wish to Set Weekly Deadlines

If you don’t want to use a weekly deadline (for example, if you want to grade on a biweekly basis or inconsistent deadlines), you can use the Custom Date Range Report on Packback instead. Here's how you can go about doing that instead!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading a Custom Date Range Report

  1. Go to your Professor Tools box (on the righthand side bar of your community), and select Participation Reports.
  2. Switch the tab at the top of the page from Automated Grading Period Reports to Custom Date Range Report.
  3. Set your Report Start Date, Report End Date, and your Time Zone.
  4. Click Generate Custom Report
    • Since this will require the system to recalculate your class's participation, it may take a few seconds to load.
  5. Your Custom Date Range Report will be generated directly on the Packback platform, but if you'd like your own copy of it, click Download Full Report and you will receive a CSV copy of the same report.
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