If you are hoping to have Packback sync to the gradebook built within D2L, here are the step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish that!

Before you begin, it's important to note that these instructions assume two things:

  1. That the D2L course is already connected to a Packback community

  2. That the Packback LTI* Integration has already been added at the school level and is configured to accept grades. If you are not sure if this is the case, please contact your school’s LMS administrator. This is unfortunately out of Packback’s control.

    • LTI = Learning Tools Interoperability (the way Packback and your LMS talk to each other)

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Gradebook Sync

Please Note: Before you proceed to follow the below instructions gradebook sync needs to be turned on in your packback community: How to Turn On Gradebook Sync


  1. Go to the course in D2L and click on Content
  2. Select the Module you want to add the Packback assignment to or create a new module.
  3. Once inside the module, click on Add Existing Activities and scroll down to click External Learning Tools.
  4. This step will be different than normal! Do NOT select Packback from the list of tools! Scroll down to the very bottom of this list and click on Create New LTI Link
  5. Fill out the form with these values:
    Title: Whatever you want to call the Packback assignment. For example, “Packback Week 5”
    LTI URL: https://lms-api.packback.co/lti/launch
    Tool: select the Packback tool under “LTI Advantage.” If there is no Packback in the list, select “Legacy LTI Tool.”
    Click “Create and Insert” to add this assignment link to your module.
  6. Click on the link you just added to the module. This will open up Packback.
  7. In the Activity Details tab, click on Add a grade item...
  8. Then click on + New Grade Item
  9. Fill out the details of this grade item. At a minimum, you must name the grade item how you want it to show up in your D2L gradebook, and give the assignment a points value. Click Create.
  10. Click Save to attribute the new grading column you just created with the Packback link in this module.
  11. Go back to the module in D2L and click the Packback link one last time to activate the grade column in the Packback system.
  12. Click on the dropdown menu to connect this D2L assignment to the desired Packback assignment. Click Confirm Deadline. This is how Packback will know where to send the grades for each assignment.
  13. Repeat steps 2 through 12 for all the Packback assignments you will have for this course to activate them for automatic gradebook sync. You can create all your D2L assignments now, or you can create them one-by-one and do these steps as the semester progresses.

    Important Note: Students will need to click on each specific assignment link within D2L to receive a grade from Packback.

Having trouble?

If the above instructions are not working for you or you are running into issues or just have a question, please reach out to our Support Team at help@packback.co 


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