Why am I receiving this error: 400 "State Not Found"?

If you are seeing the “The 400 State Not Found" error when launching Packback on your course website, most likely your browser is not accepting cookies. No worries though! Previous instances of this error have been resolved by updating your browser settings (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to accept cookies. This can be done through the Privacy and Security settings in your browser. 




Still having trouble?

If you are still unable to launch Packback from your course website after completing these instructions, just shoot us an email at help@packback.co, and we will get back to you with help! While we will be working on your request, don’t wait and access your community directly from our website!


Please Note: If you access Packback directly from our website you will need to request a password reset link first: https://app.packback.co/password/forgot 

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