How are my students' grades calculated?

Your Packback gradebook is calculated by two major components: your weekly deadline and your posting requirements. You get to determine those requirements but here's a great layout of what that means for your students.


Your Packback Participation Report is determined first by a set weekly or bi-weekly deadline. We call these Grading Periods! In order to earn points towards a specific Grading Period, your students must post in your community before each week's deadline.

Posting Requirements and Curiosity Score Minimum

You can also set a posting requirement. This indicates the number of questions and the number of responses students should post within each grading period. Some instructors have even set a minimum Curiosity Score that their students' posts must reach in order to earn points for the week. For more information on what's a Curiosity Score, check out our article here!

The accumulative curiosity points will be used to determine a student's ranking on the Learner Leaderboard!

Is Late Work Accepted?

Students can post in your community at any time! Just keep in mind that theirs posts will be counted towards the Grading Period it falls under. We are unable to change the timestamps on posts to match a desired Grading Period, but you do have the ability to reassign posts to other grading periods. 

To reassign a post to a different grading period, follow along with the instructions in this Help Center article: How to Manage Your Students' Packback Grades

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