What browsers are supported by Packback?

Packback is actively tested on the most recent version of all major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge using both manual and automated testing.

Bugs found by automated tests, by internal testing, or by our users that impact our supported browsers will be prioritized and remediated within our SLA timelines.

Packback does not actively support browsers that are no longer supported by their manufacturers, which means we do not perform testing or provide fixes to browser-specific issues found in our platform on unsupported browsers.  Instead, we recommend upgrading to a supported browser.

Why does Packback have a browser support policy?

The state of technology is constantly changing, and the tools and standards available in recent browsers are often not supported by their older counterparts. Very old browsers that are no longer supported by their manufacturers are also less secure and less stable. 

Continuing to support very old and unmaintained versions of browsers requires an engineering team to create many fragile "workarounds" in code to try to create a consistent experience for users across all browsers. This is both a time-intensive process and one that leads to a less stable platform overall, usually for an extremely small fraction of people accessing from very old browsers. 

To provide the best possible experience for all of our students and professors, Packback ensures we test thoroughly on the most up-to-date version of all modern web browsers, and provide technical support to users accessing Packback from any supported browser.

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