Packback Instruct Implementation Guide for Educators

This article will give educators ideas for how they can incorporate Packback Instruct into their course. Please note that the ideas listed below are just some of many ways to utilize the Packback Instruct tools in tandem with your Packback Questions assignment!

If you’d like to chat with a Packback team member about additional ways to implement Instruct, please email your Experience Manager!

What is Packback Instruct?

Packback Instruct provides a series of add-on features that increase professor and student functionality through in-site Discussion Polls, Insights Dashboard, and our Match and Message tool. For more information on each of these features, visit our Packback Instruct FAQ Page.

Implementation Ideas for Packback Instruct

Idea #1: Utilize Asynchronous, Discussion-focused Polling With Homework Polls

Are you the type of Packback instructor that enjoys asking your own question in your community each week to drive discussion, increase student engagement, or simply to get a better understanding of what your students are thinking? Then this implementation plan is perfect for you!

Click here to learn more about how you can utilize a more inquiry-based, asynchronous, and/or rigorous form of polling with Packback Instruct and "Homework" Polls.

Idea #2: Use Real-time polling to Increase Engagement, Assess Student Comprehension, and/or Gauge Attendance as a Non-Graded Activity

If you love the idea of bringing the Packback experience into class (maybe you already are!), you'd like to get more out of student discussion on Packback, or you'd like to simply implement a fun activity in your synchronous lecture without the hassle of additional grading, this plan is highly recommended.

Instructors have been utilizing quick, synchronous, non-graded "In-Class Polls" to break up long lectures, check for understanding, and have a little fun. Click here to learn more about  how you can utilize in-class polls along side your standard Packback Questions homework assignment.

Idea #3: Use Real-time Polling to Increase Engagement, Assess Student Comprehension, and/or Take Attendance as a Graded Assignment

This implementation plan is perfect for Instructors who already utilize Packback Questions for 10-15% of the grade, and also wish to or already dedicate a portion of their grade to in-class attendance or participation.

Click here to learn more about our recommended implementation for graded in-class polls, including tips & tricks for streamlined grading and attendance tracking.

Idea #4: Increase Instructor-to-Student Engagement and Review Student Participation Data with Match & Message and Insights Dashboard

Have you ever thought "I wish I could give way more feedback to my students, but there's just [too many of them, not enough hours in the day, etc.]". If so, Match & Message will be a game changer.

Click here if you're not particularly interested in a regular use of polling (asynchronous or synchronous) but you're exceptionally jazzed about more 1:1 student interaction, feedback, and participation insights!

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