Implementation Guide: How to Increase Instructor-to-Student Engagement and Review Student Participation Data with Match & Message and Insights

Who is this great for?

  • Instructors looking to give much more feedback to students
  • Instructors looking to increase student engagement within Packback & also general course materials
  • Instructors looking to implement feedback & course interventions based on easily accessible student data
  • Instructors looking to increase student engagement & build community, while also increasing their own 1:1 engagement with students
  • Any modality!


Student implementation: 

  • Students ask 1, answer 2 (or more) per Packback interval, for 10-20%+ of the grade (Packback Questions)
  • When directed, Students answer In-Class or Homework Polls created by the Instructor or TA (if applicable, but not required or necessary)

Instructor implementation:

  • Review Student & Professor insights 1-2 times per week to understand student behaviors & engagement
  • While in the platform reviewing Insights, utilize Match & Message to praise top performers & increase assignment completion
  • TAs can support Match & Message, Featuring & Custom Feedback, if applicable
  • When applicable or desired, create a Poll to:
    • Take a survey each month on course material and student comfort
    • Check-in with students on desired resources
    • Ask a content-based question to check for understanding & gain insight on comprehension

Instructor and/or TA Weekly Workflow

"To-do" on the day after the Packback Questions assignment due date (15-20 minutes)*

  • Head to the Insights Dashboard and review participation from last week
  • Head to Match & Message. Send personalized messages based on Insights (leaderboard, students who only partially hit requirements, students who haven’t posted)
  • Head back to main feed and feature + give feedback to a few posts, utilizing insights to drive feedback

3-4 days later (mid-way through weekly interval, 10-15 minutes)*

  • Give praise/feature early, high quality posts
  • Send messages to students who have yet to participate this week to remind them to post!

Periodically, throughout the term:

*If you’d rather have one “Packback Day”, consolidate all actions into one 30-to-45-minute work-block each week

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