Why is my post missing from my community?

If after you've posted in your community and later notice that you're unable to find it, this article will help walk you through understanding what could have happened to it and what you can you do to republish it.

If you are missing your questions or responses, there are a few things that could have happened!

You Aren't Logged in to the Correct Packback Account

Sometimes students create duplicate accounts and the one they've logged in to shows an incorrect number of posts made in the community. Make sure to login to the Packback account that you purchased access to your community with. Check inbox for any emails from Packback as they will indicate which email address is associated with your account.

Your Post Has Been Moderated

Check your email! If a post has violated Community Guidelines, it was moderated and removed and is just waiting to be republished. Look for emails with the subject line "Uh oh...your post has been moderated" and follow the directions in there to learn how to republish the post back to your community so that you can earn points.

You can also check to see if you have any pending moderated posts in your community Participation Report. Any moderated posts will be indicated under the "Moderated Posts" column for a given Grading Period.

Grading Period 50 displays that 1 question and 0 responses are moderated. The numbers are displayed under the Moderated Posts column on the right hand-side of the period.

Your Post Has Been Deleted

It's possible you have deleted your post! In this case, we are unfortunately unable to republish it for you as post deletion is permanent.

Still Unsure?

If you suspect a potential issue with our posting functionality, reach out to our Support Team via this online Request Form providing as many details as possible about what occurred on the days you posted to your community and if you noticed any errors during those days. 

We take matters like this seriously and always want to investigate them as thoroughly as possible. We will also dig into our logs to see if there are any posts other than those reflected in your profile.

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