How do I add a Supporting Point or a Counter Point?

Before you can begin posting in your Packback community, you'll want to make sure you've completed registration first. If you're unsure how to go about doing this, check out this article for help!

If you've registered and purchased access to your community, then you're all good to begin posting your supporting/counterpoint. Here's how!

When to use a Supporting Point or Counter Point

A Supporting Point can be used when you want to agree with one of your peers that have posted their own response, while also bringing your own fresh new ideas to the topic! You'll want to provide additional information that explains, defines or proves their concept.

A Counter Point can be used to effectively summarize your opposing view to a response from a peer in your community. Your summary will be your counterargument that refutes your opposing view.

Please note: Supporting/Counter Points count as Responses on each grading interval!

How to Post a Supporting Point or Counter Point

Go to your community feed, and find the response from your peer that you're looking to support or counter. Click on the blue Add Response button at the bottom right of the post and then click on either the "Add Counter Point" or "Add Supporting Point" in the drop-down options. There you have it! You can now post your supporting point to add evidence to support the claim or a counterpoint post to make a compelling opposing case!



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