How can I delete my question or response?

If you'd like to delete a post you've made on your community, there's a very easy process to go through! Just keep the following things in mind before you do so:

Before You Delete Your Post

Be absolutely certain before you delete your post, as this action is permanent! Packback will be unable to retrieve your post once it has been deleted.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Deleting a Post

  1. You can use the Options drop-drown menu underneath your post to Delete your post or response.

  2. Once you select the Delete option, you will receive a notification confirming your decision. Please read this message thoroughly!

Delete a post confirmation modal with the Yes, delete this post button in red and Cancel button in grey.

What Happens to My Points if I Responded to a Deleted Post?

If you have responded to a deleted post, your post will still be counted in the grade report! It will no longer be viewable on your Community Feed, however you can still access it on your Community Profile.



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