An overview of the "Profanity/Offensive language" moderation reason

"Profanity/Offensive language"

Posts that violate Packback’s Community Guidelines are flagged by our moderation algorithm and submitted for manual review by community moderators. One of the reasons a question or response may be moderated is if it contains profanity/and or offensive language.

Why was your post moderated?

Your question and/or response was moderated because our AI or a member of your community flagged your post for "Profanity/Offensive language", which falls outside of the Packback Community Guidelines. The "flag" was then reviewed by our team of moderators.

Why do we moderate for "profanity/offensive language"?

We moderate for profanity/offensive language because we want to encourage you to be mindful of your communication and the impact of your words. We want students and their content history to reflect our Packback community mindset.

  • Example: If you wouldn’t say to your teacher’s face, please don’t post it in Packback!
  • How to do it better: Use professional, approachable language and empathy to build connections.

Disagree with why you were moderated? Here's what to do

Only if you’re quoting from a source that you’ve cited will we be able to dismiss the flag. If your post still gets moderated by our team, please feel free to reach out to our support center at and someone will be able to take a look into why your post was moderated and if it should be re-published!

How to edit and republish a post

In order to earn back the points for your post, we recommend exploring which of your own thoughts you can bring to your question/and or response. If you'd like more tips for how to do that, feel free to check out our blog post that lays out a few helpful tips for editing and republishing moderated posts: How do I Edit & Republish my Post?

What happens after I edit and republish a post

After you edit a post to apply the feedback from the moderation email and republish, your post will be published with its original posting date. As long as you republish before our instructor pulls grades for that deadline period, you will receive full credit for your post. Republished posts are still checked by our AI and moderators, so please be sure that your post meets the Community Guidelines when republishing so it is not flagged or moderated again.

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