Introduction to Packback’s Auto-Flagging & Moderation

Our platform is designed to inspire intrinsic motivation in students by employing a Mastery Learning experience which allows students to receive feedback and to have the autonomy to adjust they’re work as needed to meet standards without feeling penalized. Which is why our Auto-Flagging and Moderation was created in order to support Packback’s Pedagogy of Mastery Learning here on the platform.

To learn more about how Packbacks AI supports Students and Professors check out our article here: Introduction to Packback’s AI 

Why does Packback Flag and Moderate Posts? 

Our Auto-Flagging and Moderation processes helps reduce the administrative burden on instructors to free up time for deeper student-educator connections! Without Packback’s algorithms, manually reviewing discussions would take almost 4 hours per week for professors. Packbacks Auto-Flagging and Moderation employs a set of algorithms that act as our first responders to review the text of every post submitted by students to identify potential community guidelines violations or issues in a students’ post. When posts are moderated we immediately send students an email notifying them of the reason why they were moderated and provide them with the opportunity to edit and republish to earn back credit for their participation!

Once a post is flagged, what happens?

Once a post has been flagged it will be brought to our moderation queue where it will be further investigated by a member of our Moderation team. Below you will find a visual flow of our flagging & moderation process! For more detailed information on Packbacks flagging & moderation process please check out our article on: The Flag-to-Moderation Process

Note: Just because a post is flagged does not necessarily mean it will be moderated!


How Does Moderation Work?





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