This section of our Help Center is designed to help facilitate community management within Packback. Here, you'll find information on Packback’s moderation processes and ways students can go about editing posts that have been both flagged and moderated in order to receive full credit!

What does it mean when a post is flagged?

When a post is flagged (whether by our AI, your instructor/TA, or another classmate) that means it has potentially violated our Community Guidelines at which point our Moderation Team will review the flagged post and decide to moderate it or not based on our Community Guidelines.

Note: When a post is flagged it does not mean it will be removed from the community. 

For what reasons could a question be flagged?

Your post can be flagged by anyone in the community for a number of reasons, including: 

  • It was plagiarized or consisted primarily of quoted material: Much of your post was quoted directly from an online source with little to no original thoughts or ideas interspersed. For more information check out our article on: Why was my post moderated for Plagiarism? – Packback
  • It was a duplicate of another question posted earlier in the community: Oops! This question already exists somewhere in the community and may have a few responses already. For more information check out our article on: Why was my post moderated for Plagiarism? – Packback
  • It was a statement, not a question: Whether it be from the language or the structure of it, your post does not currently pose a question to your classmates and you may need to reword it. 

What is Moderation?

When a post has been moderated, that means it's no longer visible in the feed for your community because it was flagged either by our AI or a member of your community and was deemed a violation of Community Guidelines after being reviewed by our moderation team!

When posts are moderated we immediately send you an email notifying you of the reason why you were moderated and provide you the opportunity to edit and republish to earn back credit for your participation. The email subject is titled "Action needed: Your post was moderated on Packback!" and the sender is 

While the post remains in "Moderated" status, you will not earn credit for it but that does not mean that it has been deleted!


What if a post was wrongly moderated?

With all posts, professors have the ability to override our decisions if they let us know that a post should not have been moderated (after we did moderate it), or if they moderate it themselves directly (after we did not moderate it). We are an assistant to help catch posts that violate our community guidelines and would lead to a less productive discussion environment, but ultimately professors have final say and ownership over their classes.




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