In this article you will find written step-by-step instructions on how to fully integrate Packback into your Blackboard LMS using the Secret & Key provided by our support team! If you encounter any issues adding Packback LTI into Blackboard, please contact for support. 


Step 1: Log into your school’s Blackboard administrator account, and navigate to “System Admin” tab 

The “System Admin” tab can be found directly below your account name and  logout button, in the top right corner of the page.



Step 2: Under the Building Blocks section, click the  “Building Blocks” link 

The Building Blocks link will take you to a page where you can manage the tools available for use in your Blackboard system. 


Step 3: From the Building Blocks page, click the LTI Tool Providers Link 

This will take you to a page where you can add and manage LTI enabled tools to your Blackboard account. 


Step 4: Click the “Register Provider Domain” Link 

To add a new integration, click the “Register Provider Domain” link on the LTI Tool Providers page. 

Please note: (Existing integrations can also be edited and managed from this page)


Step 5: On the “Register  Provider Domain” form, Add  Packback as a provider domain. 

In the “Provider Domain Status” section,  under “Provider Domain”, add the  following domain: 


Step 6: Scroll Down and complete the “Default  Configuration” section 

  • Select “Set Globally” on the radio buttons to set default privacy and permissions across all instances of Packback used by your school. 
  • Under “Tool Provider Key” and “Tool  Provider Secret”, paste the LTI Key and Secret you were provided from the Packback support team.


Step 7: Scroll down, and set  your preferred configuration  settings for Packback.

We recommend leaving the settings as the default selected by Blackboard (shown below) to ensure the most seamless experience for students on Packback.   


Step 8: When fully complete, click the “Submit” button. 

The new Integration will now be visible in your courses on Blackboard.  


Step 9: Packback will now appear as an LTI Tool Provider 

Now that Packback is added as a Tool  Provider into your Blackboard account,  you will need to add the Placements in which this integration should appear. The following steps indicate how to add placements for tool providers in Blackboard. 



Step 10: From the LTI Tool Providers page, open the Tool  Provider Settings menu and click “Manage Placements” 

To view the menu, you must hover your mouse or keyboard focus over the  desired Tool Provider to bring up the  small grey Menu icon (grey circle with  white downward-facing arrow icon).  Click that icon to open the Settings  Menu, then select Manage Placements. 

Step 11: Click “Create  Placement” button and complete the following form 

Using the following information to  complete the form:  

  • Label: Packback
  • Tool Provider URL: 
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters:  (leave blank) 
  • Type: Course Content Tool (enable the checkbox for “Allow Grading”)


That’s it! Professors will now be able to enable Packback as a tool in their courses. 


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