If your course uses Google Classroom, your students have the ability to create and login to Packback with their Google account. 

The link to Packback can only be added to Google Classroom by administrators

Instructions for Administrators:

All you need for this process is the Google login link. This is what students should click that will prompt them to login with their Google accounts. You can copy the link right here: https://app.packback.co/auth/google/login 

From here you have the option to add this link in one of two places in the Google Classroom hub:

As an Announcement on the Google Classroom Stream

  1. Click “Announce something to your class” at the top of the Stream
  2. Write the announcement! This can be a set of instructions or expectations you have for students to complete their Packback assignment.
  3. Below the text field, click Add Link and paste the link to the announcement: https://app.packback.co/auth/google/login .
  4. Click Post.
    1. You will also have the option to schedule your post for a later time. To do so, click the arrow next to “Post” and then Schedule. Set the date and time you’d like the announcement to go out, and finally click Schedule once again.

As an Assignment on the Classwork page

  1. At the top of your Google Classroom portal, click the Classwork tab.
  2. Click Create and then Assignment. This will take you to the assignment editor.
  3. On this page, you can set up your Packback assignment for your students. Give it a Title and include instructions or expectations you have in the optional Instructions field.
  4. In the Attach section below, click “Link” and add the Google login link: https://app.packback.co/auth/google/login 
  5. Set your assignment preferences off to the right!
  6. When you’re done, click Assign or Schedule the assignment for a later time.

Note to instructors: 

  • The first time you, as an instructor, click the link, you will be prompted to allow Packback access to class rosters and classrooms. Please check both of the boxes!



What happens when a student clicks the link?

When a student clicks the link, they will first be taken to a page which will prompt them to click Sign In with Google Classroom.


NOTE: The login link does not take students directly to your Packback course but, instead, takes them to their Packback account main page. They will be able to access the Packback course from there!

If this is a student’s first time using Packback or they do not have a profile associated with their Google account quite yet, they will be prompted to set up their Packback profile when they click the link!

Have questions?

If you’re curious to know more about our Google Classroom functionality or are running into issues getting Packback set up with Google Classroom, please contact our Support team at help@packback.co 


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