Best Practices for Using Packback as an Instructor

How to Use Packback as an Instructor Each Week

This video highlights the recommended usage plan for instructors on Packback. Following this guide, many of Packback's instructors spend just 15-20 minutes per week managing their course discussion and using motivating interventions to steer the conversation. 


Summary of Recommended Weekly Instructor Actions

  1. Review Recommended Featured posts emailed to you weekly by the Digital TA AI

  2. Select 3-4 posts to Feature. Learn how in this article: How to Feature a Post

  3. Leave public "Praise" feedback on each of those Featured posts. Learn how in this article: How to Give Custom Feedback on Posts

Additional Actions that reinforce purpose and relevancy for students

  • In Synchronous Courses: Reinforce great posts by highlighting 1-2 in your synchronous class session, and hosting an in-class discussion. If you'd like to discuss how other instructors have done this successfully, your dedicated Curriculum Consultant can support! Schedule a time to talk.
  • In Asynchronous Courses: Use a "Pinned" post to suggest a topic for the week to guide the discussion. Learn how in this article: How to Pin a Post
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