Packback Questions is a question-based discussion platform where students can ask the BIG questions about what they’re learning and what they still want to know. We want students to be credible in their findings therefore, encouraging stronger sources for research will be important for students participating in discussions on Packback. 

Show students where and how to find credible sources for your specific course

When it comes to research for an assignment it’s probably safe to say that most students would turn to common search engines such as Google, and or even Wikipedia, these may not be the best places for your discipline or course material". Many instructors we work with are totally fine with sources regardless of where they come from! If you have specific expectations when it comes to sources, be sure to transparently community those expectations early and often with students.

How do I encourage stronger sources from students?

Below you will find some best practices/examples for encouraging stronger sources and how to set the tone for first weeks class!

1. Pin a student post that uses a great source and is cited in the way you would like it to be cited. We recommend that you give praise to that post so students see what you liked about it! You can also find instructions on how to go about pinning a post and praising a students’ post in these articles: 

How to Pin a Post 

How to Praise

2. Pin your own post with quality sources you've chosen and cited in the way you would want your students to cite their sources. We suggest to then start featuring students' posts that incorporate your suggestions and or meet your expectations on what a quality post/source is! Below you will find a pinned professor example of this. You can find instructions on how to go about featuring a students’ post in this article: How to Feature a Post




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