It will be important to connect with students in your course about registering for Packback as we want all students to be able to participate in the great discussions that will take place in your community! 

When should I address students who haven’t signed up yet?

If at least 15% of students who were invited to your community have not yet registered and still retain the status of “Added” on your roster after the first or second week of class, we suggest that professors reach out to those particular students encouraging them to register for your community!


How do I know if a student I invited to my community hasn't completed registration?

Figuring out which students have not yet registered for your community is simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to your communities page and click on “View Gradebook” at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  • Step 2: Click on “Automated Grading Reports” and then “Generate Report” 
  • Step 3: change the role from “Student” to “Added” and make sure to choose “Any” for the section and then lastly click generate report.

How do I encourage my students to register for Packback?

Students are sent an automated email reminder from Packback on a bi-weekly basis to finish registering for your community. However, students are going to be much more alert and perceptive to a message from you! We recommend that you reach out directly to students who have not yet joined your community, as that can have an incredible impact! Reaching out directly to students who have not yet joined your community can make all the difference. Hearing directly from their professor can motivate students to take action and see the value in Packback. Below are some ways you can encourage your students to register: 

Remind students why they chose to use Packback

Bringing up Packback in your class (whether it’s virtually live, recorded, or in-person!) and remind students why you chose to use Packback could potentially help students be more on top of registration for your Packback community! Hearing directly from their professor about the value in using Packback could boost the percentage of students who register for your community.

Remind students what the percentage of Packback will be towards their final grade 

We recommend that you remind students of the grade %, as some students simply forget that consistent packback engagement can be an entire letter grade or more. Packback recommends a grade allocation between 10-15% for best results!

Encourage students to reach out to our support team if they need help

If you’re finding that students may need help with registering for your community, please feel free to direct those students to our support center here at Packback at and someone from our support team will be here to assist!


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