How do I improve my Curiosity Score?

Our AI system now gives you actionable feedback to apply to your post in order for you to create the best possible question or response in the moment. These categories exist to help you improve on the quality of your post, therefore boosting that Curiosity Score! 

The Four Categories of Packback’s Instant Feedback


The Curiosity category includes feedback on the open-endedness of your question, the length and depth of your description, as well as feedback on the repetitiveness of your text.

Always keep an eye out for multiple sentences in a row beginning with the same word. For example, try to avoid repetitive sentence beginnings using pronouns such as (I, he, her, she, etc.) and lastly an alert of potential flags related to the content of the post. Your post could be flagged for the following reasons: 

  • Closed-ended question: The answer to your question has a "correct" or straightforward answer and does not invite classmates to respond in new and unique ways.
  • Your post was class specific, rather than concept-focused: Questions about class-logistics like "When is the next test" or "Is class canceled?" will be flagged and removed, as Packback is a place for concept-focused open-ended discussion.
  • External and/or internal plagiarism: Much of your post was quoted directly from an online source with little to no original thoughts or ideas interspersed or it was identical (or at least 50% matching) to another post that you or another student made on Packback.
  • Profanity/or offensive language in your post: Your post contained language that was inappropriate to the topic being discussed or generally conveyed a hostile tone
  • It was off topic from the subject of the class: While we appreciate students posting about a variety of topics, we also want to make sure the Curiosity Feed is populated with ones that pertain to material learned in class.


The Credibility category includes feedback encouraging you to cite your source. Unsupported opinions don’t make for good answers.

Always make sure to cite any sources used in the “Cite your Source” box at the bottom. If you’re looking to cite multiple sources, you can do so by separating each with a semi-colon. 


The Communication or “Readability” category includes feedback on your use of paragraph breaks, appropriate use of formatting, the quality of your question and appropriate use of media (videos, images, links). By following these guidelines, you're improving on a post's presentation and readability. This is what he helps to keep classmates more engaged!


Make use of indentations, bolding, underlining, or italicizing portions of your post. It is also helpful to break the post up into paragraphs to engage your classmates even further.

Question Quality

Make sure your question is open ended. An open-ended question is one that can only be answered by a unique thought or statement in someone’s own words. Unlike a closed-ended question, it cannot be answered in one word, or by yes/no, or through a quick Google search. Your question should be at a good length to balance both specificity and clarity.


Including images or videos to support the content. You can embed images, animated gifs and videos right into your post. If you can, always include at least one video, image or source with your answer that helps to explain your perspective, make your response more interesting, and provide an additional resource for extra exploration if your response sparks.

Please note that due to our current post editor limitation, we can only accept videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. For now, if you want to add a video to your post, you first need to upload it to either YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion and then use a video link from that service.


The Convention category includes feedback on the students grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. The Convention category does not impact your Curiosity Score. 

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If you'd like additional help with improving your Curiosity Score, our Support Team can provide excellent guidance for making a great quality post. Send an email to for more info.




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