How can I upload my Packback grades to Moodle?


Follow along with this video instruction to learn how you can upload your Packback grades to Moodle. If you'd prefer to read written instructions, scroll down just below the video for an in-depth walk through.



Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Upload Packback Grades to Moodle

  1. To upload grades from Packback into the Moodle LMS, go to your Packback community and select View Gradebook

  2. Click Generate Report
    1. Grading weekly? Choose the interval for your grading week. 
    2. Grading multiple weeks? Select Download full report.
  3. Select Any under role to include students on the roster that have not registered for Packback. To include only registered students, select Student under role.

  4. Choose criteria to include in your report. In Moodle you will only need the Name and Email.

  5. Click Generate Report. A CSV of the report will be emailed to you. It will also be available to download via your notifications at the top of the page.

  6. Go to your Moodle community and click Grades.

  7. Select Import. Drag and drop the grading report you downloaded from Packback.

  8. Select Upload Grades. You will now see a preview of your grading data to be uploaded.

  9. Under Identify User By, use the Map To drop down list to choose which field you want Moodle to use to identify each student. We recommend selecting Email Address.
  10. Click Upload Grades. You’re all set!
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