Why are student grades showing as a dash and not a 0 in Canvas gradebook?

If you are using Packback's gradebook sync feature, Canvas will not count missing assignments as "0" unless you tell it to do so! If you find that students did not post their weekly assignments but are showing a "dash" icon in Canvas, you can manually adjust all grades that are showing a "dash" icon to "0" by following these easy steps!


Step-by-Step Instructions for Adjusting Grades:

Step 1: Click on the "three dots" located in the top right-hand corner of the specific grade column that you want to update.


Step 2: Click on "Set Default Grade" and enter "0"

Please note: Do not check the box that says "Overwrite already-entered grades".




Step 3: Click Set Default Grade

There you have it! All dashes should now have reverted to "0".


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