How can I upload my Packback grades to Canvas?

Follow along with this video instruction to learn how to upload your Packback grades to Canvas. If you would prefer to read written instructions, scroll down just below the video for an in-depth walkthrough.



Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Upload Packback Grades to Canvas

In order to upload your grades to Canvas, you will first need to download your gradebook from Packback. You can find instructions on how to do so here. 


After your Packback gradebook CSV is downloaded:

  1. Go to your Canvas course and choose any assignment. This will be used as a template to format the grading criteria for Canvas
  2. Click Actions at the top of the page. Select Export
  3. Open the CSV you just exported. The columns will need to keep for Canvas are
    1. Student Names
    2. Student Usernames
    3. SIS Login ID [this is usually the student email]
    4. SIS User ID [optional, only if you have it]
    5. Section
  4. Delete any other columns not listed above.
  5. Open both CSVs- your Packback participation report and the sample document from Canvas.
  6. In your Canvas CSV: Delete any scores, leaving only the headings: 
    1. Student ID
    2. SIS User ID
    3. SIS Login ID
    4. Section
    5. Points possible
  7. On the Packback participation report: Delete the rows for any professor or TA that were included in the report.
  8. Copy the scores from your participation report and paste directly into the Canvas CSV
  9. Save this as a new file under a name you will recognize for easy uploading. 
  10. Head to Canvas and click Grades
  11. Click the Actions drop down. Select Import
  12. Choose your updated CSV file and click Upload Data (It will take a few minutes to upload the data into your gradebook so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything right away)


The next time you need to upload your Packback grades to Canvas, just open your saved CSV file and follow steps 7 through 12 above.

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