What are Discussion Polls?

Packback Instruct provides instructors with the holy grail of Packback add-on tools that can be used for engagement, monitoring your community, and supporting student motivation all through inquiry-based discussion. In-Class discussion polls and Homework discussion polls will be a great way to level up your student engagement. 



What is the difference between In-Class Polls and Homework Polls?

Homework discussion polls:

  • Appears in both main Curiosity Feed and Discussion Polls tabs
  • Students are required to include a written response along with their selection and will be checked by the AI just like any other post on Packback
  • Responses to this poll are counted in the Packback student participation report

In-Class discussion polls:

  • Appears only in the Discussion Polls tab
  • Students are NOT required to include a written response along with their selection
  • Responses to this poll are NOT counted in the Packback student participation report
  • Student replies are anonymous to other students
  • To grade an In-Class Poll, you can download a report containing all replies by clicking on “Options” >”Download Replies”.

Please Note: These settings on In-Class Polls allow you to use as many In-Class Polls as you would like to help support synchronous engagement or other quick check-ins without having those responses detract from or counts towards a students required homework on Packback. 

Where can students find each poll type?

  • Active Homework polls will always appear in the main community feed for students to see.
  • In-Class polls along with all poll types can be found by going to the "Discussion Polls" tab under the Packback instruct menu.



Step-by-Step instructions for how students can respond to a discussion poll

Step 1. Students can access your community discussion polls, by going to the “Discussion Polls” tab under the Packback instruct menu

Step 2. Once a discussion poll has been created by an Instructor/and or TA, they can then respond by clicking on the "Add Response" button located at the bottom right hand corner of the the poll post!

Step 3. Students will then be prompted to select their poll choice and defend their response!




Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our Support Team by filling out our Request Form or reaching out to help@packback.co.




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