What is the Insights Dashboard?

The interactive insights dashboard is one of Packback Instructs key features. This tool will help you understand what is happening inside of your Packback community by helping you to identify trends of when students are most and least engaged and students who are consistently struggling (or improving). 


Navigating your Insights Dashboard

You can access the Interactive Insights Dashboard from the sidebar navigation, by clicking "Insights Dashboard". Once in the Insights Dashboard, you'll be able to toggle between two Insight groups (Community Insights and Student Insights).

Community Insights

The community insights dashboard allows you to track by “All Time” or by each individual assignment. Filtering by "All Time participation" will help you monitor trends in your overall course participation and discussion quality. For example, the community insights dashboard allows instructors to see:

  • Activity and Curiosity Score over time for the entire course duration
    • See posting activity trends between assignments, to track participation rate, post metrics (like how many counter and supporting points were submitted in a given assignment) and Curiosity Score over time to find trends.

  • Activity and Curiosity Score by daywithin each assignment
    • See posting activity by each day within an assignment to see what days are most active, when questions are being posted versus responses, how many students post close to the deadline, etc.

Student Insights

Under the Student Insights tab, you will be able to see:

  • Who hasn’t participated?
  • Who participated but didn’t meet the full requirements?
  • Who was on the top of the learner leaderboard?

And filter those lists by "All time", "last 2 deadlines", and "current deadline" period.

Each of these different insights will show a different recommended action in the sidebar that ties directly to Match & Message.


Insights Dashboard Best Practices

Below are a few examples of how you can best utilize your interactive insights dashboard:

Option 1:

Use Community Insights to track if participation "spiked" or "dipped" on specific weeks as a way to understand if students were more or less engaged with a topic.

Option 2:

Use Community Insights to drill down into individual assignments to see what days of the week students are most active. What days are questions being posted versus responses? This could be used to inform when you send feedback (to encourage earlier posting) or even to set the most effective deadlines next term.

Option 3:

Use Community Insights to see if participation and Curiosity Score average is trending up or down over time. If it's trending down, you might consider:
- Reminding students about the importance of open-ended discussion
- Posting a discussion poll or instructor prompt
- Using Match & Message to re-engage non-participating students.


Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our Support Team by filling out our Request Form or reaching out to help@packback.co.



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