Pinning is a tool we introduced in order for professors to call attention to a question (usually posed as a weekly topic or a general professor message) and have students respond to it. Pinned questions can be used in a wide variety of ways!


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We've made the process for pinning a post easy for you to accomplish quickly. Take a look at our instructional video for step-by-step instructions on how you can go about pinning a post in your Packback community!

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Pin Posts

  1. On the “Options” drop-down tab for that question, click “Pin this
  2. The question will automatically go to the top of the curiosity feed
  3. This question will remain at the top until a new question has been pinned.

Since our current functionality only allows us to pin one question at a time, keep in mind that if you wanted to pin a new question, the previous one will be removed from the top of the feed and moved back into chronological posting order.

Why Do We Use Pinned Questions?

Pinning is a great way to bring your students’ attention to a particular question/topic as it will be the first post they see when opening the community. By pinning your own question or a student's question, you can set an exemplar of question types you want to see from your students. 

Pinning is also a great way to highlight a thread of discussion from students who went above and beyond! 

When Should You Use Pinned Questions?

  • Pinning should be utilized at least once a week
  • Set a goal to pin one question every week
  • This can either be a question you want to post related to something covered in class that you want every student to respond to, OR, this can be an outstanding question a student asked that you want everyone to see!


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