How to Add Guide Posts to Your Community

If you'd like to provide your students with specific instructions or a prompt to help guide their Packback discussion, you are able to add Guide Posts right to the top of your community! In doing so, students will know and understand your expectations for posting in the community.

NOTE: Students are not able to respond to Guide Posts. If you'd like to pose a question for students to reply to, please do so by clicking Ask a New Question at the top of your Curiosity Feed or Packback assignment (if you are using Assignment Based Grading).

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Guide Posts

  1. At the top of your Curiosity Feed or Packback Assignment, you'll see a gray box with a bordered dotted-line. Click Set Guide Posts to begin.
  2. Write a title in the Assignment Title field. This can be a question you'd like to pose or headline to get the discussion going.
  3. Write the body of your instructions in the Guide Posts text editor. Just like any other Pakcback post, you are able to add images/videos, links, coding, and all other formatting options to your instructions.
  4. If there's a source you'd like students to refer to, add that to the Cite your Source field at the bottom.
  5. Double check that everything looks good and finally click Submit Post. Your Guide Posts will now be pinned to the top of your community!

How can I change the Guide Posts?

If you would like to change out your Guide Posts, you can do so by editing your current post. To do so find the post at the top of your Curiosity Feed or Packback Assignment and click Options. A drop down will appear, click Edit Instructions. 

From there follow the written instructions above to change the content of your post!

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