How to Invite Students to Your Community

Why invite students?

Inviting students on Packback creates a shell account for them that is pre-registered in your community and sends an email to students right to their school inbox that makes registration as simple as a few "clicks".

This is the single biggest action that you as the instructor can do to reduce the number of Technical Support emails that come to your inbox. Once students are invited, the Packback support team can help your students if they get stuck in registration!

How to invite students to your community

There are two different ways professors or TAs can invite students to their community; either inviting students in bulk via a list (in CSV format), or inviting students individually (by form).

This short video shows the step-by-step process for formatting your course list and uploading it to Packback to invite your students.

Unable to view the video or prefer to read the step-by-step instructions? Here are text-based instructions for adding and removing students from your community. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for adding students in bulk

  1. Go to your Professor Tools (found in the righthand sidebar of your community), and select Manage Roster.

  2. Click the Add or Update Students button.

  3. To invite many students at once, select the "Add Students by CSV option".

  4. Download the Roster Template to ensure your course list is formatted properly so it can be uploaded into Packback. See the Roster Template example below and download it from the article attachments at the bottom of this page.


  1. Customize and save your course list as a CSV file using the downloaded roster template, typically in Excel or other CSV editing program. Make sure it is saved in .csv format!

  2. Back on the Packback site, Select a CSV file to upload, selecting the file you just created. 

  3. Click the Continue to Preview button to review your uploaded file. If there is anything wrong with the file you have the option to go back and edit it. There is also a roster template you can download!

  4. Select your desired "Send invite emails" date.
    • Regardless of the date you choose, students will be added to the community so that if they register manually, they will see the course waiting for them.
    • But the invitation email will be scheduled to be sent to your students at the date you choose here (it defaults to the start date of the course)

  5. If all looks correct, click the Confirm Upload button to invite students to your community.

Step-by-Step Inviting students individually by form

If you have a few students who registered late for class and weren't on your initial course list, it may be easier to add them by form.

  1. Go to your Professor Tools and select Manage Roster.

  2. Click the Add or Update Students button.

  3. To invite many students at once, select the "Add Students by form".

  4. You can add up to 10 students at a time using this form. First, using the form, add the student's name, email address, and (optionally) their LMS grading ID (only if your school permits this data to be shared- FERPA policies around directory information can vary by school).

  5. After adding a student, click the grey "Add Student Info" button. You can repeat this process up to 9 more times. You'll see the count of students to be added, shown in the righthand sidebar, increase incrementally.

  6. When ready to add the students, just press the blue "Confirm & Invite Students" button.
    • Invitations made from this page will also respect the community's "Send Invitations at" date (typically the start date of class).
    • If that date is in the past, invite emails will be sent immediately.


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