How to schedule posts for instructors

Not ready for your question to be posted in your community quite yet? Packback allows you the capability, as an instructor, to schedule a date and time for your question to appear in your community. This option is great for those of us who like to plan ahead! Follow along with this article to see how you can make the most out of this feature.

Please note: This feature is not available to students. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Scheduling a Post

  1. At the top of your Community Feed, click Ask a New Question and you’ll be taken to our post editor. Put together the contents of your question on this page.
  2. Once you’re ready and feel good about the question, click Submit Post. A drop down will appear prompting you to either “Submit Post Now” (for those questions you do not wish to schedule) or Schedule For Later. Click the latter!
  3. On the “Schedule A Post” pop up window, set the Date, Time, and Time Zone that you would like your question to be posted.
    • If you would like this specific question to be pinned to the top of your Community Feed upon posting, simply click the checkbox next to Set as pinned post. Please note that any previously existing pinned posts will be unpinned once this question appears in your community.
  4. Click Schedule Post to complete the process. Your question will appear in your community at the scheduled time!


Where can I find my pending Scheduled Posts?

Your drafts for any pending scheduled posts can be found in your Activity Profile for your community. To get there, access your community. If you have any pending scheduled posts, you’ll see a button underneath your avatar on the left hand side panel labeled View Scheduled Posts. Click this to be taken to your Scheduled Posts folder!


If I decide I want to reschedule a question or post it early, how can I do that?

You’ll first want to access your folder of pending Scheduled Posts (see section above). From here, find the specific question you’re looking for. Below it, you’ll be given a few options:


  • Edit: Click this to update the contents of the post itself (i.e. reword your question, update the body, add a source, etc.).
  • Reschedule: If you’d like to change the date and time a question is posted, or if you decide to pin or unpin it, click this and a popup will appear similar to the one you saw when first scheduling the post. Edit the details as needed.
  • Delete: Click this if you no longer wish for this question to be posted!
  • Submit Post Now: Change your mind and are ready for the question to be posted immediately? Click the blue button! 

Still having trouble?

If you’re running into technical issues scheduling a post and would like assistance, please contact our Support Team by emailing or submitting a request form here. We will get back to you shortly!

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