How to sort and search posts

With the number of posts being published to your Community every week, it may seem overwhelming to have to find ones that ignited a rich discussion or that could use with a little more attention. Packback allows you to sort and search through the posts in your community to find high quality discussions that are occurring right on your Curiosity Feed.

How to Sort and Search Posts

We've made the process for sorting and searching posts easy for you to accomplish quickly. To do that, follow these step-by-step instructions or take a look at our instructional video below.

  1. Enter your Community
  2. To Search or Filter Questions, enter keywords or topics in the search box at the top of your Curiosity Feed.
  3. To Sort through your community, click the drop down menu at the top of your Curiosity Feed and select the filter that best works for you. You can sort your Feed with any of the following filters: 
    • New -- The most recent posts in your community. Help get these discussions going!
    • Hot -- These are the posts with high Curiosity Scores, a high number of Sparks, and a large number of responses from other people in your community. If you’re not sure what a good-quality post should look like, check these out!
    • Undiscovered -- Posts that are still waiting for responses. Help get those discussions going!
    • Quality -- These are the posts that have met all the criteria of a good-quality question or response and have earned high curiosity scores.
    • Active -- Posts in the community that have received the most responses. See if there’s anything more you can contribute to these discussions!
    • Sparked -- The posts in your community that have “sparked” the most curiosity. Check out what makes these posts so engaging!

Video Instructions



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