Where to Find Your Gradebook and Download Your Participation Report

We've updated the grade reports feature! Professors now have the option to generate a participation report two different ways: Automated Grading Period Reports and Custom Date Range Reports.

Automated Grading Period Reports

With the Automated Grading Period Reportsyou can input your weekly deadline and the grade will automatically populate after your deadline every week. We will send you weekly email reminder once it's completed.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading an Automated Grading Period Report

  1. To pull a participation report, go to the Professor Tools box in the bottom right-hand corner of the Community Feed.
  2. From there, select View Gradebook and it will bring you to the reporting screen.
  3. To generate an Automated Grading Period Report, click the Generate Report button.
  4. Here you have the option to set your Download Options preferences in order to customize your report:
    • Download a Specific Interval or Download Full Report
    • If you choose Download A Specific Interval, you can select which one from the drop down
    • Role (Any, Student, TA, Professor, or Added)
    • Section
    • Finally select which user information is most pertinent to your grading
  5. Click Generate Report and it will be emailed to you within a few minutes.
  6. You can download the report in CSV form from the email!

Custom Date Range Reports

With the Custom Date Range Reports, you can manually enter the time range that you're interested in and the report will show you the participation for only that time range.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading a Custom Date Range Report

  1. Go to your Professor Tools box (on the righthand side bar of your community), and select View Gradebook.
  2. Switch the tab at the top of the page from Automated Grading Period Reports to Custom Date Range Report.
  3. Set your Report Start Date, Report End Date, and your Time Zone.
  4. Click Generate Custom Report
    • Since this will require the system to recalculate your class's participation, it may take a few seconds to load.
  5. Your Custom Date Range Report will be generated directly on the Packback platform, but if you'd like your own copy of it, click Download Full Report and you will receive a CSV copy of the same report.


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