Why can't I find my school/university to complete my profile?

When you create a Packback account or attempt to update your account information, you'll be asked to enter the name of your school in order to be able to proceed with Packback. Sometimes typing in your school name doesn't produce any results, preventing you from being able to 

When you are searching for your school, make sure you are searching full words and not just the abbreviation for your school name.

For example: Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago won't be able to find their school by typing in UIC into the search field. Type in either the full name of the school or key words (recommended if your school has multiple campuses) and you should see your school appear in the search menu!

Still having trouble?

If you've tried entering your full school name but are still unable to produce the correct school or campus in your search, please let our team know by filling out our Request Form.

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