Why am I still being reminded to complete registration?

If you’ve already paid for Packback, joined your community, and have posted questions/responses, but are still receiving emails from Packback asking you to complete your registration, there are a couple possible reasons this might be happening.

You Haven't Purchased Access to Your Community Yet

Sometimes instructors invite students to join their community at the beginning of the semester. When this happens, you will receive an initial registration email that prompts you to complete your Packback profile and registration. Receiving this email does not automatically gain you access to your community!

You're receiving the registration reminder email because you haven't completed that step quite yet. In order to be able to participate in a Packback discussion, you'll first want to purchase access to your community so you can begin. 

You Have Multiple Packback Accounts

You have joined your community under two accounts. Many students have two school emails for their university, or they have made an additional account using their personal email. If you log in with the email you purchased Packback access with, you will see your community. You might have to check through your email inbox(es) to confirm which account you purchased access with. When in doubt, it’s usually your primary school email!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Stop Receiving Reminder Emails

  1. Login to Packback
  2. Your community will appear near the top of the page. Go ahead and click Drop Class in order to be removed from the roster.
  3. After you drop the class, you'll no longer receive emails regarding registration for that community!

A community card with the Join this Community button in blue and Drop Class button in grey.

If you already paid for access to your community but are still receiving reminder emails, check out this article to find out what to do next!

Still Have Questions?

If neither of these instances apply, or you’re still confused, not to worry! Simply hit up our Support Team through this Request Form and we’ll get you squared away!

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