An access code is meant to waive the fee of your community at the time of checkout. They are typically purchased prior to registering for your Packback community at your campus bookstore or otherwise distributed by your professor. 

If you've obtained an access code but are receiving an invalid error when entering it at checkout, first make sure that the code follows an 8-letter alphanumeric format without dashes. It should look like this: XXXXXXXX

If the code you received doesn't follow that format, it's possible that you've actually received a Community Lookup Key instead! 

If you're using the correct code but are still receiving an error

Reach out to our Support Team via our Request Form and we'll be able to help you out! Please make sure to include the code you were given as well as a screenshot or photocopy of your proof of purchase.

How is an access code different from a Community Lookup Key?

Your Community Lookup Key, in most cases, is provided to you by your professor or TA either via email or it can be found on your course syllabus. It can only be used to find your community within Packback to begin registration and cannot be applied to the checkout page to waive the access fee. 

The community lookup key will have the following format: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.


Still having trouble?

If you ever have trouble using a code you bought from your bookstore, reach out to our Support Team via our Request Form with the code you were having trouble with along with a copy of the receipt for your purchase. 

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