It's possible that you currently have multiple active Packback accounts that are causing you a bit of confusion. Unfortunately we're not able to merge your accounts at the moment, but we are able to make one email address your primary for future Packback logins.

What should you do?

Hit up our Support Team by filling out this Request Form letting us know your two account email addresses, and which one you would like to use as your primary email address for Packback. We’ll get everything settled from there!

What can you expect?

We will make sure the desired primary account is added to all communities you're currently enrolled in! You will not be expected to purchase access again either. 

What should you know?

We are unable to transfer posts, so if you’ve posted with both accounts, we recommend transferring all of your participation into a Google or Word doc so you can update your participation. Another option is to ask your professor to download the participation reports from both accounts so they have a record of your work.

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