How do I connect my Packback grade to my course's gradebook in Blackboard, Canvas, D2L-Brightspace, Moodle, etc.?

Our team has built a feature on Packback that automatically syncs your weekly Packback grade to your course's student portal.

Ensuring that you receive credit for the work you do on Packback each week is easy, but it does require you to take a few (simple) steps!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Connect Your Packback Grade to Your Course:

  1. Login to your student portal (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L-Brightspace, etc.) and open your course's page.
  2. Find your Assignments page where you can access all of your homework, tasks, and assignments for your course.
  3. For each week there is a Packback assignment, you'll need to click on the appropriate link to ensure our system sends your grade over to your course's gradebook at the end of each deadline.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is the action that connects the two gradebooks to each other. If there is ever a week where you forget to click open an assignment, don't worry, you can go in and connect them at any time!

How do I know if I successfully connected to my course gradebook?

Your Packback Community Participation Report indicates which of your grading periods have been synced with your course's gradebook in your student portal. For each grading period, you'll notice an icon right next to your score that shows the status of your gradebook connection:




This is the one that notifies you that your grade has successfully synced and your grade should appear in your course's gradebook! 



This icon notifies you that you have successfully synced your gradebooks but the deadline to complete the assignment has not passed yet. Check your course gradebook after the deadline to see your grade for the week!

"Action Required":


This icon notifies you that you have not yet synced your gradebook to your course. Please follow the step-by-step instructions above to do that!

"Not Synced":


This icon notifies you that your grading period deadline has passed but your grade was not synced to your course in time. No worries though! You can still earn those points! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions above to connect your Packback gradebook to your course. Make sure to notify your instructor once you have done so.

When will my grades be updated/synced?

Your instructor has set specific deadlines for each grading period. Your Packback grade will be updated in your course's website after each deadline has passed.

Unsure when your next deadline is? Double check at the top of your Community for more information.

Having trouble?

If you could use more help navigating your Packback grade, please reach out to our Packback Support team at

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