What are my Course Materials?

We want you to be set up for success when you create your Packback community. That's why you receive an email containing your Course Materials after it's been created. It contains the following resources: 

  1. Your Community Lookup Key to help your students register
  2. Communication Templates to help make it easy to integrate Packback into your class, we have created templates for communicating Packback to your students in your syllabus, LMS, and through email.
  3. First Day of Class Presentation to introduce Packback to your class and set them up for success on the platform.
  4. Your login information to help you set up your account and access your Packback community.

NOTE: You will receive your Course Materials every time you start a new community. That means if you already used Packback Questions before, still make sure to go through your Course Materials. The data changes from term to term!

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