How can I add the LMS ID to my roster on Packback?

If your LMS grade book require students to have an ID, we have the functionality that allows you to add that right to your students' accounts. Professors and TAs can add the LMS IDs to your community roster in 2 ways: manually one student at a time or in bulk.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding LMS IDs Individually

  1. Go to your Professor Tools box in your Packback Community
  2. Select View Roster
  3. If needed, search for the specific student that you need to add the LMS ID to using the search box
  4. Under the LMS ID column, click on Add ID
    A table of students on the Current Roster page with the Add ID button circled in red on the first row.
  5. Add the ID and click Save LMS ID
    Add LMS ID pop up window displaying student's email address and name, and an input field to add a student LMS ID

Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding LMS IDs in Bulk

  1. Prepare a CSV to include student emails, first names, last names and the LMS IDs that you need to upload.
  2. Go to your Professor Tools box on Packback
  3. Select View Roster
  4. Click on "Add or Update Students" and select "Add Students By CSV"
  5. Click on "Select file" and select the CSV that you just created, click on Preview Upload
  6. On this page, you will see how many valid/invalid rows you have in your CSV file. The number in blue on the left should reflect the number of students in your roster.

    Preview of the Roster Upload page that includes a community name, a number of students to be uploaded in blue, and a number of invalid records that won't be added in red.
  7. Click on Confirm Upload
  8. After this, the students in your roster should be assigned with an LMS ID. Scroll through the manage roster page to double check!

Having Trouble?

During this process, if any of these steps are confusing, don't hesitate to reach out to your Experience Manager. We would be happy to help!

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