How To Copy Existing Communities

If you’ve created a Packback community for a course and plan to teach the same one next term, you do not need to create a new community from scratch. You have the ability to create one using the details from your previous community. Doing this will ensure that the new course has the same community details, sections, deadlines, and posting requirements, making setting up next term’s course a quick and easy process.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Copying Existing Communities

  1. Access your Packback profile and click the red Create a Community button. This will trigger a dropdown to appear. Click Copy Existing Community to continue!
  2. Here is where you’ll select which currently existing community’s details you’d like to copy. Do so by clicking the dropdown under Select Existing Community and selecting the appropriate one.
    • If you are unable to find the community from the dropdown, no worries! Click Enter Existing Template ID instead and enter the Template ID which can be found on the Community Details page of the community whose details you wish to copy. 
  3. Set the Start Date and End Date of the new community. Click Continue.
  4. Confirm the Community Details on the following page. You will be able to edit these fields once the community has been created. When you’re ready, click Create Community.
  5. You’re all done! The new community will be stored under the Upcoming Communities tab of your Packback profile. You are able to edit the details at any time!

Still having trouble?

If you’re running into technical issues with copying an existing community and would like assistance, please contact our Support Team by emailing or submitting a request form here. We will get back to you shortly!

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