My roster is not final yet, should I still submit it?

Yes! We understand that your rosters are usually not finalized until a couple weeks after your course starts. However, uploading your roster even in its preliminary form does help to make sure that you feel set up for success when your community begins.

Why Should You Still Submit Your Roster?

We can create accounts for your students and send them invitation email to help them register on Packack. The registration email is one of the more efficient ways to get your students set up in our community. The earlier we can get most of them registered, the less confusion you may potentially run into as your semester gets started.

We can also get an idea of your class size in order to prepare our workload for the semester. When you submit your preliminary roster, your Experience Manager will work closely with you to ensure you've got everything you need to have a successful Packback experience.

What Should You Do When Your Roster is Final?

Once your roster is finalized, feel free to upload it to your community so that we can make sure the new students receive our invitation email! You can check out the step-by-step instructions for doing that here!


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