What are my Professor Tools?

Professor Tools contain everything you need to manage and maintain your curiosity community! This table can be found on the right hand side of your Community Feed. You'll just need to scroll down a little. You can access all of the following tools via the Professor Tools menu:

Professor Tools on the right hand-side on the Community Feed page that include Community Lookup Key, Manage roster, View Gradebook, and Community Setup options.


Manage Roster

We introduced a full Roster Management portal for professors, where you can upload your roster, invite individual students, drop students from the course, and see how many of students have yet to register!

View Gradebook

Here is where you can check on your Gradebook and Participation Report. It's the designated location for you to monitor each student's weekly activity and how our Packback system scored them. If you'd like to have your students' activity calculated into a set number of points or a percentage, here is where you can set up that gradebook as well!

Community Set Up


This is your hub for making sure your community details are set, your roster is uploaded and ready, and it's also where you can find a pre-written syllabus statement that instructs students how to register for your community and communicates your expectations of their Packback Participation. The tools you need for setting yourself up for success are at your disposal!

In this portion of your Professor Tools, you'll be able to: 

  • Edit Community Details
  • Add Teaching Assistants
  • Create Section Groups
  • Set Up Grading
  • Download Your Syllabus Statement
  • Invite Students


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