We understand that sometimes if seems like you've tried everything to login to your Packback account, but just can't seem to get anything to work. Most of the time, resolving this issue is just a matter of testing out a few other options.

If you're having trouble accessing your Packback account through the login screenthere might be a few things to consider. Here's what we would recommend!

Packback USA or Packback Canada?

Now that we have two servers: Packback Canada and Packback USA, double-check that you've chosen the right server to log in. The right server will be the server where your school is located: USA or Canada.

Are you entering the correct email address?

Check that the email you are using for login is actually the email that you registered or were invited with. You can check your email for any invitation or registration notifications to make sure it's the right email address. When in doubt, it's usually your school email!

NOTE: Even if you have one email address like name@email.tamu.edu and name@tamu.edu, these addresses are considered different at Packback. Make sure to check what email you are trying to log in with!

Are you entering the correct password?

Make sure you are using the correct password. If you don't remember your password, you can request a new password here.

Are there any typos in your login information?

Make sure that there is no typo or an extra symbol/space in your email address. The best way to avoid making that type of mistake is to enter your email address into the "Packback email address" field manually.

Do you need troubleshooting tips?

If you see any errors when you are trying to login, we'd also recommend attempting the following to troubleshoot:

  • Disconnect and reconnect to your network
  • Clear your cache
  • Do a hard-refresh of your browser
  • Change your browser or use a different device
  • Use an Incognito or Private window (hold down Ctrl+Shift+N in Google Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+P in Firefox and Internet Explorer, and Command+Shift+N in Safari)
  • Close out of any duplicate tabs you have open on the website

Can't login to Packback through your student portal?

If you're using your schools Learning Management System (i.e. Canvas, Blackboard etc.) to access the Packback platform, you'll always want to make sure you're logging into Packback directly through your course website. You can login by clicking on the Packback button or a Packback assignment from within your course page. This action will always take you to the main feed of your Packback community. We ask that you only ever access Packback through your course page - this avoids a potential slew of future issues for both you & your Professor.

Still having trouble?

If you are still unable to launch Packback from your course website after completing those login steps just shoot us an email at help@packback.co, and we will get back to you with help! While we will be working on your request, don’t wait and access your community directly from our website! Please Note: If you access Packback directly from our website you will need to request a password reset first.

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