Why can't I launch Packback through Blackboard on Safari?

While Packback is well-integrated with Blackboard, there is a known issue on Blackboard's (or Compass') end between Safari and Blackboard.  That might explain the troubles that you've encountered. Here are our recommendations to bypass this issue and access Packback:

  • Disable pop-ups as it might block Packback from launching
  • Try a different browser such as Google Chrome as they're more accommodating to Blackboard
  • If that does not work, or if you desire to use a browser such as Safari, sign in directly on Packback's website as opposed of through Blackboard.
    • If you already accessed Packback through Blackboard before but not on our website, you will have to set your password first. Don't remember your password? Request a reset link here!
    • If you have never accessed Packback, you will have to sign up for a new account using your school email. After that, use your community lookup key to find and join your community. If you don't know your community lookup key, let us know so we can help you out!
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