Why am I receiving this error: "The Packback discussion community for this course is not yet open"?

The page mentioning the community name you are trying to access and explaining that is not open yet.

If you are seeing the message saying that your community is not yet open when you are trying to access your community at Packback, there might be a couple of things happening:

  1. If you are checking in early, your class setup might not be completed yet and you should get back on the first day of your class
  2. We might have created two communities for that class and one of them was closed as a duplicate. You can check a list of your communities on the “Join a Community” page to see if you’ve been also invited to a community that is open: https://questions.packback.co/my-communities/join

If none of the above helps, send us an email at help@packback.co and we will figure out why your community is not yet open!

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